May 24 2016.

Local MP Maria Caulfield has welcomed the outcome of a meeting held in Dieppe yesterday to discuss the future of the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry. The service has seen a fifty percent uplift in users in the past year.

Those attending the meeting, including the Member of Parliament for Lewes, the Mayor of Dieppe, Newhaven Town Council Official Susie Mullins and members of TUG, the Transmanche Users Group, all praised the progress that was made, receiving reassurance that a new, four year contract will start in August.

The date for tenders has now closed, with current service provider DFDS being one of those who have put in a bid for the new contract.

Speaking afterwards, Maria said: “I am looking forward to the announcement as to who has been awarded the contract and the fact that this will give some security for many years to some.

“The ferry is a vital part of the investment needed for Newhaven’s regeneration, and so I very much welcome the hard work of those who have secured the future of the ferry.”

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