May 16 2016.

CTLA (Community Transport) will be running an improved service in Eastbourne and Polegate from this Wednesday, the 18th of May.

Offering transport options to people who cannot easily use public transport, the CTLA accessible minibuses will operate in a wider area and feature an innovative new scheme 'Two's Company - One Fare' where two people travelling from the same pick up / drop off point will only pay for one journey.

Bookings can be taken up to two weeks in advance and the friendly office staff are available to speak to between 9.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Fridays.

Registration for the service is free and the door to door transport is described as a 'life-line' by many of the current users.

To find out more details call CTLA on 01273 517332 or email info@ctla.org.uk  The website can be found at ctla.org.uk
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