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April 12 2016.

TS Defiance, the Newhaven & Seaford Sea Cadet unit, has raised well over £1000 towards the cost of new windows during its two month Crowdfunding campaign, with donations coming from members of the public and other local charitable organisations.

The chairman of the management committee said: “It is great to receive such support for our cause. Although we have a long way to go to reach our target, we hope to start work this year on replacing the broken and dilapidated windows. Not only will it make a huge difference for our cadets and volunteers, it will make a difference for Newhaven.”

The cadet unit relies on the goodwill of the public to fund the running of the unit and people are urged to visit if they wish to make a donation towards the replacement windows.

This campaign is the first in a series to make the old chapel on Chapel Street in Newhaven into a first class facility for Newhaven and Seaford youths aged 10 to 18.

Along with new windows, the plans include a new roof, new teaching rooms, galley and training facilities.

You can follow TS Defiance on Twitter: @TSDefiance