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April 11 2016.

A National Theatre youth performance of James Graham's 'Bassett' comes to the Barn Theatre in Seaford later this month performed by young actors from award-winning group SMTJ.

"At Wootton Bassett School the supply teacher has done a runner and locked the pupils in their classroom. Dean needs the toilet, Aimee needs a coffee, Amara needs to pray, and Leo… well, Leo really, really wants to escape. Outside, only yards from their confinement, a repatriation of fallen British soldiers is happening along the high street, as it has over a hundred times before through this quiet Wiltshire town. But this one is more personal than most. As factions form and secrets are revealed, maybe Leo is not the only one who'll want to get away. An exhilarating startling snapshot of a generation who have inherited a world at war."

With strong language and very relevant challenges to attitudes on immigration, terrorism and what is considered to be 'British', Director Paula Woolven has praised the cast for their mature approach to discussing the issues in Bassett.

"Instant social media is showing a very different outlook on the world to the one that I saw in my teenage years. Young people today have never known peace - this very hard-hitting, well written script shows how teenagers form their opinions through family, friends and the bombardment of information online and from 24 hour news reports. Although chilling, it is very thought provoking and opens up all sorts of conversations that we shouldn't shy away from if we want to resolve ignorance and bigotry in our societies."

Show times : Friday 29th April, 7.30pm, Saturday 30th April 7.30pm & Sunday 1st May, 2.30pm.

Tickets £5 - or from the Tourist Information Centre, Church Street, Seaford during office hours.