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March 21 2016.

Jim Skinner writes:

Twenty members of the Friends of Tide Mills completed the March Clean-Up and Meeting today.

We are very pleased to report that we feel, for the first time this year, to be making real progress in the battle to clear the litter of the winter storms. This is a great feeling. This achievement is in no small part due to both our efforts and, as importantly, others who take it on themselves to help clear litter when they visit this special place. Fantastic, thank you to all.

We collected 19 sacks worth of rubbish this time, plus a few larger items.

Our Ringed Plover nesting signs for this year's breeding season are now in place. These can be seen just to the Seaford side of the old village and close to the tidal lagoon. As always we respectfully ask that disturbance within this area is minimised during the mating and fledging season from March to July. Installing these signs is an indication that at last Spring is just around the corner! We will recover the signs in August.

Our next meeting is taking place on Sunday the 17th of April from 10.00am through to noon, meeting at the old village beach waymarker. All are very welcome to come along, no matter how much time can be spared - The more we are, the quicker it will be to get Tide Mills back to how we all like to see it.

More details are available on our web site at or myself at

Jim Skinner