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February 22 2016

Newhaven’s Severn Class lifeboat RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland and her volunteer crew were launched on Saturday  at 13:06 to search for sailor reported washed overboard.

The lifeboat was tasked to a position 12.5 nautical miles south west of Newhaven to a person in the water who was wearing a life jacket.

Shoreham’s all weather lifeboat and HM Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 106 were also tasked.

Whilst en-route, all three rescue units were given individual search instructions from Dover Coastguard. Search patterns and timings were formulated by the crew.

As Newhaven lifeboat got close to the drift start position from which the search was going to commence, Shoreham lifeboat announced via vhf, that they had spotted the casualty in the water to the south of their position.

Shoreham lifeboat requested HM Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 106, who was close by, to head to the position and recover the casualty from the water. Shortly afterwards the person in the water was recovered by the helicopter and flown straight to The Sussex County Hospital at Brighton via the landing site and then land ambulance.

Both Newhaven & Shoreham lifeboats were stood down at 1:47pm. Newhaven lifeboat returned to station at 2.45pm and was ready for service at just after 3pm.

Newhaven lifeboat Coxswain Paul Legendre explained: ‘The lifejacket that the casualty was wearing made the difference and has saved a life. Also having a lifejacket means that lifeboat crews can spot the casualty much easier. We are delighted with such a positive outcome.’