February 19 2016


Contrary to what Sam Adenijii claims, it doesn't seem to have been his banner-waving prowess that scuppered this scheme. Nor was it the concerted opposition mounted by local ratepayers.

According to the LDC Cabinet Minutes of 17th February 2016 the Scheme could not continue: "because of the non-satisfaction of the title (in other words LDC couldn't obtain the necessary legal rights) and ground conditions" ( there were "robust" height restrictions at the Buckle).

Each party to the contract must now bear "their own costs to date".

And the costs so far? In LDC's case - £570,000. Over 1/2 million pounds !!

Where could rate-payers money have been better used?

Brian Spiby


I do hope that Paul Franklin's suggestions are not the only ones that LDC have for improving air quality in Newhaven. As far as I remember, the worst area is South Way in Newhaven where the road is enclosed by fairly high buildings on both sides of the road. North Way, where people are likely to be queuing for the bridge is much more open.

One of the possibilities that has been talked about for years is to make North Way two-way traffic, which would take most of the through traffic out of South Way. Mind you, thats been talked about for longer than I was a Councillor (12 years) and it still hasn't happened. And with a dirty great incinerator churning out 102,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum on the doorstep one cannot help but think that tackling air-quality in Newhaven is not being taken seriously.

Rod Main



No one will listen to this suggestion. A mistake was made by putting in the ring road which significantly and very negatively affected the downtown section of Newhaven.

We hear that this mistake is now also negatively affecting the health of people living and working in and around the ring road. To this the governmentt should make good on the error and correct it by building an alternative road system around Newhaven. Yes it will cost money, but what about everyone's health?

Asking people to turn off their engines is a waste of breath that will achieve nothing other than paying lip service to the issue.

Harry Warren

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