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Updated: February 12 2016.

Thank goodness the 49 sites scheme is likely to be scrapped and a great pity the Conservatives did not take adequate advice before proceeding in the first place.

Newhaven is busy putting together a neighbourhood plan. We do badly need more houses for local people. I hope Newhaven residents have all sent back the questionnaire from the latest Newhaven Town Council 'Newhaven Matters' magazine to help choose which places in the town should get new homes.

If you can't find the magazine the questionnaire is online HERE or you can pick it up from the Town Council office in Fort Road. The deadline for replying has been extended to March the 11th, so you have another chance to make your views known.

There are more sites in the list than we need so there are real choices to make.
Judith Ost



Will we ratepayers be told how much it will cost us to dig LDC out of this sorry, ill-conceived, unwelcome and underhand scheme?

Brian Spiby



This is potentially great news for Newhaven and a testament to 'People Power' in our town.

Newhaven Councillors led the objections to this Tory-led plan from the start, which would have meant development of an important green space at Meeching Down (The Union) and valuable businesses being forced out at Robinson Road.

The Tories closed ranks on two occasions around their then leader and allowed this ill-conceived contract to get this far. Huge amounts of public money have been wasted on it and it is unclear how much Cllr. Blackman's legacy will end up costing the people of the district.

It is interesting to see Sam Adeniji claiming credit for the about turn, but he should be holding his head in shame for the support he continued to give to Councillor Blackman in allowing this scheme to get this far in the first place. By supporting him not once, but twice, as we tried to get him out, he was one of the Tory/UKIP/Ruth O'Keeffe group that help light the expensive firework and they are now running round trying to put out the fuse, before it blows up their faces.

Steve Saunders


I am absolutely delighted that this dark cloud has now been lifted.

The proposals were clearly not in keeping with so many neighbourhoods in the area and many of my constituents contacted me about the issue. Many were frankly alarmed at what was being proposed.

We do need to build more houses, but they have to be in keeping and appropriate for the area.
Maria Caulfield


I hope this also means that the building of houses on Meeching Down (the Union) in Newhaven has also been shelved.  

The level of protest across the district because green space and amenity land had been designated for housing shows just how badly this had been thought out and pushed through by the previous administration.

If, indeed, Meeching Down has been shelved too, then I will be a bit more convinced that the new leader is listening.

You can't just build houses on every available bit of space without considering how that space is being used by local people. This was the whole point behind "neighbourhood plans". The fact that these plans have taken years to bring to fruition is because they are resource strapped. Indeed LDC itself is also  resource strapped, which  means that there are less planning officers to do the same job as before. Undoubtedly errors will creep in.  This is a case in point. 

Rod Main



So where are the houses going to be built to help reduce the housing shortage?

Harold Warren


Great News. Common Sense Has Prevailed. Well Done Everyone.
Mr Grumpy


What about the other site on the Alfriston Road?

Rosemary Collict