February 8 2016

Sam Adeniji writes:

An extra-ordinary meeting of Lewes District Council Cabinet has been called on Wednesday the 17th of February to decide to terminate the New Home project and not  to proceed with building on the Buckle.

This is  good news for us the people of Seaford who have been strongly opposed to losing yet another amenity. The strength of feelings in Seaford against the proposal was shown not just in the petition but also in the public demonstration/march in Lewes that I proudly attended and carried a banner urging LDC to ‘hear our voices'. 

Through motions, debate at LDC Council meetings and in meetings with LDC Officers and leader we have continued to champion the concerns of Seafordians against this proposal and used every opportunity to not only apply pressure on LDC but to shed more light on the New Homes Project 

I am therefore pleaded that the new leader and Cabinet of LDC have listened to the concerns of the people of Seaford and as the agenda states they now accept that the proposal development on Buckle Car Park is not viable. This means that LDC cannot therefore proceed with its New Homes Project and wishes to terminate the Contract. 

This goes to show that Lewes District Council under its new leader is indeed listening to the concerns of us the people of Seaford. 

We want to see much needed affordable housing in Seaford, I have assured the LDC Leader that Seaford Town Council will be willing to work with LDC to identify sites that are much suited to building much needed affordable housing in our Town.  

I will be attending the Cabinet meeting on the 17th.

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