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January 18 2016.

Jim Skinner reports:

Eleven members of the Friends of Tide Mills completed their January meeting yesterday. As last month we are confronted by levels of litter we haven't witnessed for some considerable time, showing, (if there was any doubt), how much litter dumping is still occurring in our seas, as the vast majority of the litter is undoubtedly being blown in to the beach rather than being casually discarded.

We collected elveven sacks worth of rubbish this time, plus any amount of larger items.

Our next meeting is taking place on Sunday the 21st of February, 10.00am through to noon, meeting at the old village beach waymarker. All are very welcome to come along, no matter how much time can be spared - The more we are the quicker it will be to get Tide Mills back to how we all like to see it.

More details are available on our web site at or myself at

Jim Skinner