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November 15 2015.

Newhaven, Peacehaven, Telscombe and Seaford Mayors were quick to show their support for the people of France on seeing the images from Paris on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Phone calls and social media posts received unanimous support and Steve Saunders, Robbie Robertson, Wayne Botting and Dave Argent, were joined by the Newhaven Port Manager Capt.Francois Jean, (who is also Consul Honoraire de France for Brighton), Cllrs Phillip Booman (Seaford Town Council), Laurence Pulling (Newhaven Town Council) and Carla Butler (ESCC), together with several local residents, attended the Memorial Green in Newhaven, They stood together in solemn silence, as Captain Francois Jean lowered the French Tricolor to half mast, in honour of the many innocent people who died on Friday.

Everyone then held hands and were thanked on behalf of the four mayors by Cllr. Saunders and Capt. Francois then spoke, full of emotion, as he too thanked everyone on behalf of the people of France for their gesture of support.

"Cllrs. Robertson and Botting contacted me early on Saturday morning", explained Cllr. Saunders. " They knew that we flew the French flag at our memorial green in recognition of our close ties with France from the two world wars and in particular the Canadian Dieppe Raid of 1942. It seemed obvious to us all that we needed to stand side by side with our friends in France and make this small, but poignant gesture of support for their country's mourning and grief. At times like this, we must stay strong together and offer what comfort we can." 

Cllrs. Argent and Boorman later posted on social media:

Thank you to Steve Saunders for giving us the opportunity to pay our respects to those in Paris that sadly lost their lives.  

It was without doubt that it was most suitable that this remembrance was held in Newhaven as this is where our strongest links are with our neighbours France.
It was heart warming to hear from Francois, his emotion of gratitude to us all for us turning out to show our respects for this terrible and unnecessary loss of Life.

Thank you again Steve.

Kind regards
Cllr David Argent ( mayor of Seaford ) & Cllr Phil Boorman.
Seaford town council