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November 6 2015.

Frazer Ireland writes:

I was surprised at the apathy of Newhaven residents to the meeting at the Hillcrest Center on Wednesday evening, concerning the proposed developments in the town.  

The developer's arrogance suggests that this is a win-win for him, with money in the bank if the developments progress or not.

The LDC staff were sticking to a script as provided by an LDC media adviser who was present.

If the people of Newhaven, like myself, value the town, they need to be heard and on Wednesday evening's showing that's not the case.

Those of us who were born and bred in Newhaven should want to see the town prosper again, but not through greedy developers . The infrastructure needs to be in place first in the respect of roads , doctors , schools etc. Everyone who drives will know that Newhaven is gridlocked on weekday evenings and this will only get worse.

The proposed developments have no parking facilities and will spill onto local streets.

Be heard now or stop your moaning in the future.

Frazer Ireland

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