October 26 2015.

Newhaven’s relief Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB Daniel L Gibson’ and her volunteer crew were launched yesterday at 00.45am to a houseboat in difficulties.

HM Coastguards had requested the launch of Newhaven’s lifeboat. The owner of the houseboat had planned to tow the vessel to Lewes. Due to failing light and the craft making a slower pace than planned, he decided to stop approximately halfway and anchor the vessel.

As the tide started ebbing, (going out), the anchor started dragging and the vessel started moving south down the River Ouse and the alarm was raised.

Once HM Coastguards arrived on scene it was established that the single occupant aboard was okay and had managed to tie the vessel to a post.

Newhaven Lifeboats inflatable Y boat was lauched and made its way north up the River Ouse

Whilst climbing over a stile on the top of the river bank one of the Coastguard team landed badly and injured his ankle.

Some of the lifeboat crew at the station were tasked to proceed to the location and an ambulance was called. As the houseboat casualty was safe and secure at this time, the Y boat took coastguard team members across the river to help their injured colleague.

The Y boat then proceeded back to Southease Bridge to collect blankets and a stretcher and then stood by until paramedics arrived. The casualty was then walked one mile to a waiting ambulance at Southease Bridge.

The Y boat proceeded up river to the original houseboat casualty. The decision was made to assist the vessel all the way to Lewes to avoid it getting into further difficulties.

By this time the tide was flooding and the casualty vessel was safely towed to Lewes by the inflatable Y boat where it was handed over to waiting HM Coastguard teams.

The lifeboat return to station almost 9 hours later at 09:40am and was ready for service shortly afterwards.

Newhaven Coastguard Team thanked Newhaven Lifeboat crew for an outstanding job.
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