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October 16 2015.

A Sponsored Walking Bus took place last Sunday to raise funds for CTLA, the only Community Transport charity of its kind covering the Havens coastal strip and the rest of the Lewes District.

The walkers included Lewes MP Maria Caulfield and the Mayors of the Havens Towns - Cllr. Wayne Botting (Telscombe), Cllr. Robert Robertson (Peacehaven), Cllr. Steve Saunders (Newhaven) and Cllr. Dave Argent (Seaford) as well as staff, supporters and volunteers from the charity.  They walked eight miles from Seaford to Telscombe Cliffs.

Pictured right is a gentleman called Ray Woolven from Peacehaven. Ray is 70 years old and three months ago he had a massive heart attack that nearly claimed his life. He can no longer drive or walk for longer than five minutes, as only 25% of his heart is functioning. On Sunday he walked for a few minutes with the sponsored walking bus (assisted by his grandson, Danny, aka Spiderman!) because he knows to many people like himself, CTLA Community Transport charity is a life-line. Their only way to reach the outside world and essential services.

"I had to do what I could," said Ray. "I have always been active and have been able to just get in my car and do everything that I took for granted all my life.  Now I realise what loneliness and isolation might do to people who find themselves in my situation, unable to drive and reliant on others for shopping, doctors appointments and a social life. I urge people to support CTLA in any way they can and help people who need the accessible minibuses as their only way to the outside world."

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