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October 16 2015.

Steve Saunders writes:

The statement released by the LDC administration following yesterday's Full Council Meeting, is in my view misleading. The sentiment of the vast majority of Councillors at the meeting and those members of the public is not adequately described in this statement and it continues to put an emphasis of predetermination on this project and fails to adequately address the loss of such a large area of rich SNCI habitat together with valuable and much-loved open space.

Open and recreational space that has been identified as severely lacking in our town already, without the impact of the many hundreds of further homes planned for Newhaven.

It was clear to anyone viewing the proceedings on the web feed yesterday, that this press release can only be described as a poor attempt to put a positive spin on what remains a very contentious issue.

I suggest that many members will be very disappointed at the release and will, like me, wish to distance themselves from its sentiment.

Whilst I and my Lib Dem colleagues fully appreciate the need for affordable homes and support that idea, the notion of destroying such an important wildlife habitat to do so, is abhorrent to residents and Councillors alike.

Cllr. Steve Saunders
Newhaven Valley

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