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October 11 2015.

The public petition signed by 2,054 Seaford residents will be discussed by Lewes District Council at its meeting this Wednesday, the 14th of October, in a closed confidential session from which the press and public will be excluded.

County Councillor Carolyn Lambert says: “I am horrified that the public will not be able to hear councillors discuss their petition which calls for the District Council to reject the proposal to sell the Buckle Car Park and for Seaford Town Council to register it as a community asset.

"There has already been a huge jump from the responsible decision to look at the District Council’s assets to a contractual agreement to sell the Buckle Car Park with no proper discussion at full Council and no consultation with residents.

"Now, once again, the public are being denied a voice and refused an opportunity to have their views publicly debated. This is an appalling example of a democratic deficit on the spurious excuse that the discussion could apparently lead to disclosure of financial information. The Buckle Car Park is publicly owned and in my view the public therefore has a perfect right to know the financial details of what is being proposed.

"My Liberal Democrat colleagues who represent Seaford on the District Council are horrified by this proposal and I will join them in taking whatever steps we can to support the petitioners.

"I will be attending the meeting and also joining the protest march.“