October 11 2015.

Peter White, Town Crier of Seaford since 1977, is competing in the 63rd National Town Criers' Competition in Hastings next Saturday ( October the 17th).

Peter has been attending the contest nearly every year since 1980, but the nearest he has come to winning was 3rd place in 2010.

There are 19 Criers taking part this year. The highest number of contestants ever seen was 67 in the 1980's.

Peter has a habit of contracting a cold or sore throat nearly every year before this contest. One year he took part when he had completely lost his voice!

During 2015 Peter has been judged "Best Dressed" at the Southern Championships in Wimborne and won the trophy for the Best Sussex Crier at the Arundel Contest, so he goes into the Hastings contest with reasonably high hopes!

The two heats ask each Crier, some of whom come from abroad, to give a "Home Town Cry', and also a cry about an historic event of their own choosing. Peter is keeping that topic a secret until the day.

The Contest takes place in Priory Meadow Shopping Precinct in Hastings at 11.00am and 2.30pm.

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