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September 29 2015.

Bill Pierce writes:

On Friday Rotary Club President Peter Fenwick presented a £200 cheque from Rotary Club of Seaford to Denton Island Indoor Bowls Club in aid of its fund-raising for MacMillan Cancer Support at what was entitled “The Biggest Coffee Morning in the World.” 

Even as part of a nationwide campaign - similar events took place locally on the same day, including one at the Seaford Golf Club - the title of the event might have been something of an exaggeration. Yet at times it certainly felt like it could be true.
The six-rink indoor bowls club, tucked away on Denton Island, over the bridge from Newhaven’s North Way, was packed to the walls with members and visitors, many of whom discovered this spectacular social amenity for the first time, to boost a very worthy and vital cause. And with cash still coming in, the DIIBC organisers expect to top the £3,000 mark.
The President was accompanied by Mayor of Seaford and fellow Rotarian Dave Argent – along with Lady Mayoress Marian – plus Community Service Committee Chairman, Steven Willox and Deputy Mayor of Newhaven, Paul Boswell. Bowls Club Chairman Len Woodrup accepted the Rotary cheque and Rotarian Mike Hemmings took the pictures. 

As a member of both clubs, it was my job - although I wasn’t informed about that until I arrived on the day! – to co-ordinate the event. It included a bumper raffle with 92 quality prizes, bowling exhibitions, an equipment sale, a pre-event barbecue and a squad of hard-working members handing out gallons of coffee at 50p a cup - often along with a delicious cake. 

Cancer, it seems, touches all our lives in some way, and as President Peter remarked in his presentation speech, we must do everything to support the people who are leading the fight against it. It never ceases to amaze that, despite having their own everyday problems to solve, how many people are prepared to commit to an event like this one. 

The bowlers were indeed bowled over by such generosity. 

Pictured left to right: David Argent (Seaford Mayor), Pam Vickery (DIIBC Manager), Len Woodrup (DIIBC Chair), Peter Fenwick (President of Seaford Rotary), Marian Argent (Lady Mayoress of Seaford), Steven Willox (Seaford Rotary Community Service Chair), Paul Boswell (Deputy Mayor Newhaven)