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September 23 2015.

Mayor of Newhaven, Steve Saunders, and the Chairman of Newhaven Port & Properties, Alain Bazille, met yesterday in Newhaven, where Mr Bazille took the opportunity to confirm the commitment of the Conseil Départemental de Seine Maritime to continue the Newhaven/Dieppe ferry route. In support of that commitment CDSM has commissioned the current operators, DFDS, to ensure the reservations for 2016.

Both the Mayor of Newhaven and the Chairman of NPP agree that the ferry route is vital to both the port and the town of Newhaven, and contributes to the ongoing regeneration of Newhaven.

The increase in ferry bookings this year has proved that the Newhaven/Dieppe service offers an attractive cross channel option to both commercial and public users.

In addition, Alain Bazille and Steve Saunders both welcomed the arrival of E.ON to the port and the opening of the UTC. These new ventures will further improve the image of the both port and the town and will create new jobs opportunities in Newhaven and the surrounding area.