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September 7 2015.

Mike Hemmings reports:

Bill Pierce, former chairman of Rotary Club of Seaford Community Service Committee, and Steven Willox, the present incumbent, were invited to the town’s 60+ Club in the grounds of the Downs Leisure Centre for a comfort break.

In other words the Rotarian pair were asked to oversee the opening ceremony of their hosts’ new toilets - of which the club had, in financial terms, helped to install.

There have been many delightful duties to perform for our committee Chairs over the years but this one proved beyond all doubt that they don’t mind getting their hands dirty. And it had not been easy getting the money – which Rotary raises through its various activities like Car Boot Fairs, Quiz Nights and Raffles – to the 60+ folk.

For some time it was unclear whether we should cough up the cash, per their request, or was it down to District Council responsibility? We waited for an answer. And waited and waited. Finally we just made out the cheque. What a relief.

The old loos were in pretty bad shape and it needed some tough love in the fund-raising stakes by 60+ Club stalwart Bob Derbyshire and his colleagues to attract the wherewithal to renew them.

Rotary was very glad to help. We have never minded being a convenience, so to speak!

Pictured:  Left - Bob Derbyshire. Right - Bill Pierce.