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August 26 2015.

Newhaven High Street confectionery outlet, I like A Sweetie, has introduced a parking fee reimbursement scheme in Newhaven town centre to pay for up to two hours parking for its customers.

Despite repeated requests from Newhaven shoppers and High Street traders, Lewes District Council still refuses to budge on giving the town centre a two hours free parking period, so the local sweet shop has decided to help its customers by paying for up to two hours of parking for its genuine customers.

I Like a Sweetie owner, Laurence Pulling, explains: “I hope that the public embraces this scheme to show Lewes District Council that free parking works.

“With parking paid, I hope that my customers will spend a little longer shopping in the High Street with other traders.”

LDC voted against free parking in February of this year, even after a local petition was presented.

Mr Pulling continued: "LDC raises £74,000 from parking charges in the two town centre car parks. The Council claims to have reduced the parking rates, but it used to be 50p for one hour parking and it is now 70p. That's a 40% rise."