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August 26 2015.

Young Mayor of Seaford, Gabrielle Edwards, has chosen to support the Seaford based charity Teddy Treats for her mayoral year of 2015/16. Gabrielle hopes to hold events throughout the mayoral year to raise money that will be donated to the charity at the end of the municipal year. She will be assisted by the Deputy Young Mayor Jessica Batchelor, as well as the Mayor’s Secretary and other volunteers.

The Young Mayor said: “I am excited to be working with and supporting Teddy Treats Children’s Charity and look forward to raising money that will go towards treats for deserving children in Seaford.”

Teddy Treats Children’s Charity provides treats to local children and their families in Seaford and surrounding areas who are disadvantaged due to circumstance, health, or socially. Founded in 2014 the organisation is run entirely by a committee of volunteers working in the local community to give back to the children and families in need.

Founder of Teddy Treats, Brenda Edwards, explains: “We at Teddy Treats Children’s Charity are absolutely delighted to have been selected as the chosen charity. We look forward to working together to raise funds to put back into the Seaford Community to provide treats for sick and vulnerable local children.”

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Pictured: Founder of Teddy Treats Children’s Charity Brenda Edwards, Young Mayor Gabrielle Edwards and Deputy Young Mayor Jessica Batchelor