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August 18 2015.

When Cllr Blackman was challenged about the housing development proposals at the so-called Seaford "consultation" meeting, he said quite clearly, and at another point equally clearly confirmed, that the original proposals: "Were not Tory party proposals", as at the time LDC was hung, and that the scheme was actively supported by Cllr. O'Keefe and the UKIP members of LDC at the time.

At the meeting I took him at his word as an honourable man, but if that was not the case perhaps we should hear directly from the other Councillors concerned.

Cllr. Blackman made another comment at the meeting which was that the Environment Agency was "not bothered" about being moved from their Buckle Car Park Depot site, so I took Cllr. Blackman's advice and wrote to the EA. I have received a response which indicates that there have been "some initial conversations" taking place between EA and LDC, but that as the site is secured by a long lease, the EA will not be moved unless a suitable, acceptable alternative has been made available.

So perhaps the "technical solutions" to the outstanding issues that Cllr. Blackman placed such a high score by when trying to justify the despoliation of the Seaford seafront won't be quite so easily won.

David Swaysland