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August 18 2015.

Cllr. Laurence Pulling replies:

I thank those residents that have given their support in me asking questions. I also extend my thanks to Cllr. Saunders for replying to the questions I openly asked of him and Cllr. Blackman.

Cllr. Saunders is a seasoned councillor. As a seasoned councillor, the electorate would expect questions to be asked when information is not forthcoming; even if such shared information is classified as “confidential”. The question remains as to lack of transparency and the need for confidentiality – typically undemocratic. Cllr. Saunders constantly shows his distrust of Cllr. Blackman, yet trusted him when handed the list of 49 sites!

I support the petition because it publicly opens up the debate at LDC and is the right thing to do. Apart from helping to obtain signatures through social media, my copies of the petition (as agreed) never materialised. Is it because of the lib dems obvious distaste for UKIP taking precedence? Clearly for the lib dems, political goals are more important.

As a councillor with a mere 3 months experience, Cllr. Saunders is well aware of what I have managed to achieve so far, as well as what is in the pipeline. Again, rather than appreciate the potential benefit of my efforts for the community as a whole, his party loyalties appear to take priority.

I agree with Cllr. Saunders’ point that the Tories are non-transparent. All this needs to stop immediately so that the proposals can be properly debated democratically.

I can assure you that I will work together with Cllr. Saunders and any others against the ridiculous proposals for Meeching Down. I represent the electorate in this ward and will work as passionately as I can on their behalf.

Cllr Laurence Pulling
Newhaven Town Council