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August 17 2015.

Jim Skinner reports: 

The Friends of Tide Mills completed their August meeting yesterday, fortunately in very fine summer weather. As with previous months this year, generally very little litter is being found, which, given that we are now in the height of the Summer season, is very heartening indeed.

We collected just six bags this time, which undoubtedly is in no small part down to the many visitors who, like us, want to see Tide Mills in its best light and well cared for and who take the time to keep the area clear of rubbish. This joint effort makes all the difference and is essential to ensure Tide Mills continues to be this fantastic quiet space for all.

One or two illicit camps continue to appear. These are reported to NPP, the land owners, who do make clear no permission is given to camp anywhere down at Tide Mills. This issue raises its head every year and regrettably seems to be getting worse. The main problems of course being litter rubbish left on site and personal hygiene leading to public health concerns. All the more frustrating is the availability of a perfectly fine campsite along at the Buckle.

The whole area continues to look great, with a wonderful display of wild flowers and birds just now. Encouragingly at least one pair of Ringed Plovers has fledged young. The Plover Nesting signs hopefully have helped these little birds again this year and we thank everybody who has avoided the signed area. We have now recovered the signs, and will re-erect them next February.

Visitors will also notice the reptile barrier towards the East Pier. This in preparation for phase one of the Port expansion proposals, the final decision of which is due imminently. The reptiles; grass snakes, slow worms and  common lizard. are being trans-located elsewhere on site, over towards the old village in the bunded area. Additional features have been installed to encourage more of these creatures to breed.

The photograph above, taken by one of members, David Turvey, shows us enjoying our annual summer picnic after our meeting.

Next month's meeting is Sunday the 20th September - always the third Sunday of the month. We meet between 10.00am and 12 noon, but any time that can be spared is appreciated just the same. Tide Mills continues to need as many people as possible to help maintain it and care for it, you will be made most welcome if you do decide to join us in the bracing (and still free!) sea air.

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Jim Skinner

Photograph by David Turvey