August 12 2015

Cllr. Steve Saunders replies to Cllr. Pullings points made in BLACKMAN REPLY REPLIES.... UPDATED.... HERE.

I am surprised by Cllr. Pulling's comments.

I stated that I could be accused of wrongly assuming the Tories intentions and I stated that there was no detail attached to the initial list of sites to be considered. What part of 'There were no plans attached showing the extent of these sites and no details of what was proposed where' does he not understand? Don't forget too, that the whole process was brought forward on confidential papers.

There is no 'smoke and mirrors' where I am concerned and as stated, but for his UKIP colleagues and Ruth O'Keefe's support at District Council, Cllr. Blackman's plans would have been made open and transparent from the beginning and everyone would have been consulted by a Lib. Dem Leader of District Council.

The petition was started by my Lib. Dem. Colleague on Town Council, Darren Grover. This does not make it a Lib. Dem. petition and if it was, why did he support it as such? Why let the Lib Dems do all the work and sit back and do nothing himself? The petition will force open debate at District Council, so what does it matter who started it?

We welcome the pledges made in support by him, his UKIP colleague on District and Town, as well as that of the lone Conservative on Town Council, but to date it is only us doing the hard work in Newhaven. In other Towns and Parishes in the District, it is an irony that Tory Councillors are finding themselves aligning themselves with their new Tory MP in objecting to the plans of their political allies. This is what happens when you don't openly consult and proceed in such a non-transparent manner.

Maybe, Cllr. Pulling, you should ask your former UKIP District Councillors and the 'Independent' Chair of the District Council, why they chose to support Cllr. Blackman so strongly in remaining as Leader? UKIP Cllr. Howson lost his seat to the Tories in Peacehaven on District in the last election and consequently his Cabinet seat too - He sat on the LDC Cabinet that brokered the deal - but he still sits on County as Chair of the Fire Authority after being given the privileged position by Tories there. Let's hope he learns from his mistakes in the past and doesn't give support to any similarly ridiculous Tory plans at County, as he did on District Council. I have certainly learned not to trust them!

If, Cllr. Pulling, you are serious about supporting our opposition to the 49 sites proposals, stop trying to mistakenly suggest we are to blame and work with us to ensure they do not become a reality in their current form and without full and open consultation.
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