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August 12 2015.

Newhaven lifeboat launched to person cut off by the incoming tide at Seaford Head

Newhaven’s relief Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB Daniel L Gibson’ and her volunteer crew were launched at 7:05pm on Sunday 9th August to a man cut off by the incoming tide. 

Local Coastguards requested Newhaven lifeboat to launch to assist the male who was on an isolated beach at Seaford Head after he was stranded by the flood tide.

Enroute the crew prepared the inflatable Y boat. Once on scene at 7:18pm the Y boat was launched. The casualty was evacuated from the beach, he was found to be safe & well. No medical attention was required. 

The unharmed casualty was taken back to Newhaven lifeboat station from where he made his way home.

The lifeboat returned to station at 8pm.

Second Coxswain Lee Blacknell explained “It is always worth checking the tide times before setting off under the cliffs. Light was starting to fade and the wind was increasing, it is very import to Respect The Water. Please check out the RNLI’s to understand the risks when out on or near the water. If in any doubt ask HM Coastguards for advice.”

Newhaven lifeboat launched to a vessel aground

Newhaven’s relief Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB Daniel L Gibson’ and her volunteer crew were launched at 8:50pm on Friday 7th August after HM Coastguards requested assistance with a vessel aground.

Once the Severn Class lifeboat had left the side the inflatable Y boat was launched. The Y boat with three crew on board made its way to the north of Piddinghoe where the vessel was spotted high and dry on a steep part of the riverbank. 

HM coastguards were on scene with the intoxicated casualty who was moved to safety behind the riverbank. HM Coastguards had secured the vessel to the river bank to stop it sliding sideways and possibly capsizing. 

When the lifeboat crew investigated the propeller was stuck fast in rocks, with the weight of the boat holding it in place on the steep bank. The Y boat tried to free the stuck propeller but unfortunately this was not possible.

Due to concerns that the intoxicated skipper may try and get back on-board the vessel, it was agreed that the lifeboat crew would take the casualty back to the lifeboat station.

The casualty was lowered down the bank on a safety line by HM Coastguards with the lifeboat crew assisting. He was safely put into the Y boat and taken to Newhaven lifeboat station where he was handed over to the Sussex Constabulary.

The decision was made to try and recover the vessel on Saturday 8th August on the first high tide at 6am. Three lifeboat crew in the Y boat went to recover the vessel only to find it had sunk overnight on the flood tide.