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August 3 2015.

Local MP Maria Caulfield has urged Lewes District Council to think again regarding the future of the Buckle Car Park in Seaford and Meeching Down in Newhaven.

Maria said: “Whilst new housing is much needed across the District, it is important that it is in the right locations and that the needs and wishes of existing residents are also carefully considered. That is why I am calling on Lewes District Council to rethink the Buckle Road Site. The car park provides valuable parking spaces in this part of Seaford, particularly for those visiting the Tide Mills area or the nearby café, as well as those wishing to use Bishopstone station. I know that disabled visitors find the car park especially useful for accessing the beach.

"I am also very concerned about the proposals for the Meeching Down site in Newhaven.”

The Buckle Car Park and Meeching Down sites are two of a number earmarked by the District Council to provide 415 new homes across the District.

Maria added: “I am always happy to make representations on behalf of constituents to ensure that their voices are heard by the Council. I believe there are genuine concerns about the Buckle Car Park and Meeching Down sites and that is why I am writing to the Council to urge them to rethink these sites when considering where to build additional homes.”

Maria concluded: “Having attended a number of the consultation events being run by the District Council I have found them very disappointing and there was a lack of information available to the many concerned residents who attended. It is vitally important that the council is genuinely consulting local people on this important issue.”