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July 29 2015.

Following the recent decision of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) to increase MPs’ pay, local MP Maria Caulfield  has announced that she will not be accepting this decision and will be donating the increase to charity.

Maria said: “I have consistently opposed the suggestion of increasing MPs’ pay, especially at a time when pay restraint is being encouraged elsewhere in the public sector. That is why I backed the action to freeze pay for ministers and why I will be donating this pay increase to local charities.”

Maria added: “Having worked as a nurse right up until the election, I could not in all honesty take a 10% pay rise while my former colleagues get 1%. Instead, I will donate a regular sum of money to local charities and will publish details on my website so resi­dents can see who is benefiting.

If you know of a local charity you feel deserves to receive a donation, please contact me.”

MPs no longer decide their own salaries, with the decision on remuneration being made by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Maria concluded: “Whilst I do think it is right that we no longer have the situation where MPs can vote on their pay, I think IPSA has got this wrong, and that is why I will not be taking this pay increase.”