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July 28 2015.

Newhaven’s relief Severn Class lifeboat RNLB Daniel L Gibson and her volunteer crew were launched at 10:30am yesterday to a report of a dog over cliffs at Saltdean.

A later report confirmed that the dog was alive and sitting on rocks whilst being surrounded by water in the choppy conditions. When HM Coastguards arrived at the scene it was established that the dog had not been on the cliff top, but on the promenade. It had been chasing a ball which bounced over the sea wall and the dog followed, falling approximately seven metres into the choppy waters.

Newhaven lifeboat stood by as HM Coastguards requested the Fire Brigade to put a ladder down to the beach. The ladder was able to be placed a short distance from the dog and one Firefighter and one Coastguard descended to the beach. The dog was quickly recovered, wet and a little cold, but otherwise unharmed and was returned to its owners.

Once everyone was safely recovered from the beach the lifeboat was stood down.

HM Coastguards explained: “The owners did the correct thing in calling the emergency services rather than attempting a self-rescue.”