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July 17 2015.

Lib Dem Councillor Carolyn Lambert says that Conservative plans for the Buckle car park continue to be in a state of confusion: “Councillor Sam Adeniji and Councillor Carol Campbell have been critical of my calls for an open public meeting with Councillor Rob Blackman so that residents can hear directly what his plans are for the site and can put their questions and concerns to him.

"It now appears that Councillor Adeniji has changed his mind and that he is indeed supporting a public meeting which I had thought the Town Council as a whole had already agreed to ask for at its meeting on the 25th of June (a matter of public record).

"This is good news, but I remain concerned that the private, closed meeting held on 15 July with Town Councillors remains shrouded in secrecy. Cllr. Campbell has failed to respond to my e mail asking for clarification of the status of this meeting which apparently has now been described as a working group.

If Seaford Town Council has indeed set up a working group to look at this issue, it could be very helpful provided it has proper terms of reference, is an open public meeting and is properly recorded.

I simply don’t understand why the Conservative are being so evasive on this issue. It is in all our interests to have an open and informed debate and I sincerely hope that they will listen to residents’ concerns.”