July 15 2015.


Whilst I applaud the efforts in organising tonight’s private meeting of Seaford Town Councillors and the Leader of the District Council to discuss the proposed development at the Buckle car park and Alfriston Road in Seaford.  I think it is vital that these issues are discussed in public, it is for this reason that I have today written to both the Mayor as Chair of the Council and to the Town Clerk to request that  an Extraordinary meeting of Seaford Town Council be called within the next 7 days to discuss the Buckle Car Park proposals.

An extraordinary meeting will:
- Allow both residents and Councillors a chance to publicly debate this issue

- Allow STC Councillors to listen to suggestions from residents on how they wish to be represented

- Allow STC  to form our formal response to LDC and agree on a plan of action to be taken, this could include arranging a referendum of Seaford residents which will expect LDC to compile with
Invite and interrogate both LDC Director of Service Delivery (inviting LDC officers enable us to get non political stance from LDC as to our options) and leader of LDC

I will also be suggesting that this meeting is held in a much larger venue so that as many people of possible are able to attend to get their voices heard.

Councillor Sam Adeniji



There has been much speculation regarding the proposal to build on the Buckle Car Park. Cllr. Rob Blackman is to meet with the councillors of Seaford TC today to explain what is being considered.
It needs to be impressed on Lewes DC the fact that the Buckle Car Park and the Associated Public Toilets are the only facility at the western end of Seaford seafront. You only have to look at how busy the car park is on a sunny day to see how important the car park is to the town, both for residents and visitors alike. Where are people supposed to park if the car park no longer exists.
We keep hearing that the area needs regeneration. What a great way to regenerate the area by closing the car park and turning away visitors to the town.
Furthermore, what a great time of year to close the car park for ‘test drilling’ right at the start of the school summer holidays.
May I remind Lewes DC that councillors are elected to represent local residents and as such to do what the local residents want. Not the other way round.
No one locally wants the Buckle Car Park to close and even less, to be built on.
I would further remind councillors that they will come up for re-election at some point in the future and that the local residents may decide not to re elect them.
So think on this very hard. No one wants to loose the Buckle Car Park.
Mr Grumpy
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