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July 14 2015

Councillor Rob Blackman, Seaford Councillor and Leader of Lewes District Council, is meeting privately with Seaford Town Councillors tomorrow about the proposed controversial development of the Buckle car park.

Councillor Carolyn Lambert says: “Councillor Blackman should hold a public meeting with the residents of Seaford to explain his decision to sell off this site. Increasingly, decisions are being made in secret with no accountability to the public and without discussion at full Council. This is government by secret dictat. Councillors hold these assets in trust on behalf of the public and should not be deciding to sell off the family silver without proper consultation.”

Councillor Adam McLean, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Seaford Town Council says: “I will be going to hear what Cllr. Blackman has to say tomorrow and will continue to push for an open public meeting to discuss the concerns that have been raised by our residents. I do not agree however with holding this closed meeting. The sale of these assets and planning consent for development should always be a matter for public debate.”

Councillor Stephen Gauntlett adds: “The Conservatives’ attitude seems to be 'We know what’s best for you and we’ll tell you when we’ve made the decision'. They are refusing to listen to the views and wishes of residents and are simply ignoring local concerns.”