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July 5 2015.

East Sussex Iconic, Seaford's Young Enterprise Company based at Seaford Head Community College, has won a number of awards including winners of the Brighton & Hove and Lewes area finals and award winners at the Sussex County event.

East Sussex Iconic gave an excellent presentation to Seaford Chamber of Commerce on its progress and achievement over the past year, progressing from the germ of an idea to a profit-making enterprise in just one academic year.

Under the flagship Company Programme at the students find out what it’s really like to set up and run a business. Delivered across the academic year, East Sussex Iconic made all the decisions about its company, from raising the initial share capital through to designing its product or service to selling directly to customers and ultimately winding up the company and paying its taxes.

The East Sussex Iconic team of managing director Alice Chapman, Kallum Harding, Kyle Scudder, Tom Beeney and Lawrence Chowen, have produced a unique mug carrying a photograph of the Seven Sisters, but in a creative twist the reverse of the mug carries a poem. The company has been successful and profitable over its first year and although it has to be wound up under the terms of Youth Enterprise, it is destined to continue as a partnership with at least some of the initial management.