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July 2 2015.

Thirty one years after their Twinning Charter was signed, Seaford's Twin Town Bönningstedt made one of its regular visits to the town last weekend.

Such is the strength of the friendship that coming for Armed Forces Weekend did not seem at all out of place. Indeed, it was the Royal Sussex Regiment's good work in Germany at the war's end that set up the original friendship links and eventual twinning between the counties of East Sussex and Kreis Pinneberg.

Visitors to Seaford, from Bönningstedt and Crivitz, its other twin from the former East Germany, included the Mayors of both towns. They met Seaford's new Mayor Cllr. Dave Argent when they inaugurated the "30th Anniversary of Twinning" Plaque on the Bonningstedt Promenade. The visitors, 20-strong, also enjoyed an evening at the new Seaford Head Golf Club, meeting with their hosts, and with the Plauschgruppe: the Twinning Association's German Conversation Group. They also enjoyed a meal and "Beetle Drive" on the Saturday at St. Leonard's Hall.

At this celebration Martina Kaddatz, who had organised the twinning in the town of Bönningstedt for many years, received a presentation album as thanks for her work from Twinning Chairman Peter White.

They also visited the Armed Forces Day on the Martello Field, and the Logan's Charity Garden Party in Sutton Avenue.

Visitors enjoyed musical entertainment from the Seaford Rock and Jazz Orchestra at both events. They also met their old friends the Seaford Silver Band, and were entertained at dinner by Stephen Owen on the keyboard.

Transport delays by Easy Jet meant that nine of the visitors were five hours late arriving, and then 13 hours late in flying home after problems with both the airline and Gatwick airport. But a good time was had by all.

In the previous week two prizewinning students from Bönningstedt's Rugenbergen School had spent a week in Seaford. They saw Cuckmere Haven, Alfriston, Rye and Brighton. They took in a theatre visit to London and spent "International Day" as guests of Seaford Head School's Year 9.

In the same week Seaford Town Council endorsed its new Twinning Policy, to support the principle of existing links with Bönningstedt, and not to look for other twin towns from elsewhere.