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June 23 2015.

Jim Skinner reports:

Sixteen Friends of Tide Mills completed their June meeting and clean-up on Sunday. Just four bags of general litter were collected this time round and we are very pleased to report that so far this year the litter remains relatively low across the whole of the area. This is in no small part down to the many visitors who, like us, want to see Tide Mills in its best light and well cared for and who make the time to keep the area clear of rubbish.

This joint effort makes all the difference and is essential to ensure Tide Mills continues to be this fantastic, quiet space for all.

The whole area is currently looking great, with a wonderful display of wild flowers and birds.

Our next meeting is Sunday the 19th July, always the third Sunday of the month. We meet between 10.00am and 12 noon, but any time that can be spared is appreciated just the same.

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Jim Skinner