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June 22 2015.

Modifications to the Newhaven swing bridge mechanism are continuing and it is necessary to open the bridge (close to road traffic) to arrange the placement of new drive supports on the South side overnight tonight from midnight through to 4.00am tomorrow morning.

The works are being controlled to allow bridge operation to return to road traffic for a short time after items have been placed. It is hoped that the placement can be carried out within a series of normal 40 minute delay periods through the night. However, as work will involve welding of awkward parts it is possible that these periods may be slightly longer in duration though unlikely to exceed 60 minutes.

Although the emergency services have been advised, in the event that an emergency vehicle arrives at the bridge, the crossing will be opened as quickly as is safely possible so that road passage is available.

As a further advance notification it is the intention to repeat the operation for the North Drive next Tuesday the 29th of June at the same midnight to 4.00am period.