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June 18 2015.

Newhaven’s relief Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB Daniel L Gibson’ and her volunteer crew were launched at 4.50pm yesterday to a tug towing two houseboats with one taking on water.

Newhaven Lifeboat headed south to the last reported position of where the tug and the two house boats had first got into difficulties. The tug and the towed vessels were on their way to the Thames area when the tug crew identified that one of the 22 metre houseboats was taking on water.

Arriving on scene at 5.12pm, seven miles from Newhaven Harbour, it was clear that little could be done for the one houseboat. The houseboat sunk at 5.36pm.

Working in conjunction with the tug crew the lifeboat assisted in collecting some of the debris floating on the water.

Having received a line and buoy from the tug, the lifeboat crew marked the position of the wreck, Dover Coastguard was informed of the location of the wreck and the debris field. A navigation warning has been issued for the area.

The house boat that sunk had a hot tub installed that came loose during the sinking. The hot tub was too large to recover on to the lifeboat. It is currently adrift in the English Channel. It’s last known position was passed to Dover Coastguard

The lifeboat left the scene at 6.31 and returned to Newhaven Harbour and was ready for service at 7.30pm.