June 17 2015.

Geoff King writes:

Two new planning notices have appeared on Tide Mills adjacent to the eastern boundary fence of Newhaven Harbour today, 16th June 2015.

There is a planning notice under the original planning application number for the harbour expansion, LW/15/0034, to ‘Stop Up and Divert’ the footpath that runs along the seafront parallel to the beach.

There is a second planning notice under a new planning application number, LW/15/0373 relating to the proposed Rampion Wind Farm activity at the Fisher Terminal on the East Quay.

The second planning application, LW/15/0373, would suggest that what I have said all along that the proposed wind farm activity could be accommodated within the existing harbour boundary fence was correct. Thus this proves that the harbour expansion plans are not necessary and that there is no need to take more of Tide Mills or the East Beach.

The planning notice relating to the footpath is of greatest concern. The proposal to ‘Stop Up and Divert’ the footpath coupled with the current pile driving activity on Tide Mills would suggest that developments in the proposed harbour expansion may be gathering pace.

So if you value the footpath that gives you access to the East Arm and the East Beach and if you value the East Arm and the East Beach as we know it now it is time to act and let Lewes District Council planning department know your views.

Geoff King
Marine Drive
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