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June 17 2015.

Newhaven lifeboat launched to search for a sinking vessel - Newhaven’s relief Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB Daniel L Gibson’ and her volunteer crew were launched at 2:50pm on Monday after HM Coastguards received a mayday from a sinking vessel.

Newhaven lifeboat proceeded at full speed to the position given by H M Coastguards, which was 0.75 miles south of Rottingdean. The lifeboats salvage pump and inflatable Y boat were made ready on route.

When the lifeboat arrived at the position there was no sign of any vessel in distress. Brighton lifeguards rigid inflatable had also responded to the call and had spoken to all the vessels in the area which were all fine.

Coastguards then advised that the distress signal had been picked up on the Fairlight aerial, which is east of Hastings and that the direction of the distress call could have been transmitted anywhere between Cuckmere and Brighton Marina.

Newhaven lifeboat then searched the distress call bearing from Brighton to Cuckmere and nothing was found. The lifeboat was assisted by HM Coastguard rescue helicopter R104 which carried out a comprehensive search from the air.

A final search took place to Brighton and back to Newhaven, the lifeboat was then stood down at 5:45pm.

Second Coxswain Lee Blacknell said: “Although this could have been a hoax, we will always assume that it is a real emergency and conduct a full search.”

Newhaven lifeboat launched to 41ft yacht with fouled propeller - Newhaven’s relief Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB Daniel L Gibson’ and her volunteer crew were tasked at 6pm on Monday 15th June as they entered Newhaven harbour on return from their first service.

The 41ft Dutch yacht had got its propeller fouled with a fishing marker buoy approximately one mile south of Rottingdean and were stuck fast.

Newhaven lifeboat arrived on scene at 6:20pm. The lifeboats inflatable Y boat was again made ready on route.

The lifeboat positioned itself to the south of the casualty vessel and a grappling hook was used to retrieve the line and cut the vessel free.

A tow was then established and the disabled yacht was then safely taken into Brighton Marina. The lifeboat then returned to station at 8:30pm and was refuelled and was ready for service shortly afterwards.

Second Coxswain Lee Blacknell said: “This has been a very busy afternoon for our volunteers with two services lasting around 6 hours.”