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June 4 2015.

A new political movement has been born in Seaford and will start by helping independent candidates contest the East Ward by-election for Seaford Town Council. Independents for Seaford (ifS) will also work between elections to bring the community together to act in the best interests of the town.

Seaford is the largest town in Lewes District and ifS wants the town to have a stronger, louder voice, and ensure that this voice is coming directly from the people. ifS wish to return local democracy to the principle of “representation of the people, for the people, by the people”. By registering as a minor party, ifS is able to use a logo and name on the ballot paper, but is very much a movement for change and not a party in the traditional sense. ifS is made up of local people who believe that national political parties have no place in local government, having seen that these national parties are a distraction preventing the interests of local people from being served.

The previous MP Norman Baker was forced to intervene last year after damaging revelations emerged about the running of the town council. Members of this group are not united by a particular party ideology, but instead by a desire to see Seaford prosper. They aim to emulate successful independent groups around the UK, such as those in Frome, Somerset, who have removed party politics from town hall and put their community first.

ifS will be supporting candidates who have a history of serving their community both in the town council and in other local community groups.

More information on the group and its plans for the future can be found at