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June 4 2015.

Nikki Blight writes:

I’m writing to let you know that two of my dogs were bitten by an adder up near The Barn Car Park at Seaford Head last week. I was out walking with three of my five dogs when it happened. We were walking along the path which has a grass strip through the middle and the adder was there.

When I got home I noticed one of the dogs was acting unusual and wouldn’t drink or eat. I touched his face and it was swollen. I quickly rushed him to the local vet (Beechwoods) and we then had to take Alfie (cairn terrier cross) to Coastway emergency vets in Brighton for treatment. When I got home I realised one of the other dogs Roxy (terrier cross) had also been bitten, so we went back to Brighton.

Unfortunately due to other complications we had to put Roxy to sleep  as her body couldn’t cope with the venom. Alfie is in a critical condition and is still on a drip being given anti-inflammatory and antibiotics but it’s touch and go.

The staff at Coastway Vets have been fantastic, so supportive and kind to us and are really trying hard to make poor Alfie better.

So far our vet fees are over £1,000 and they could exceed to over £2,000 we would be grateful for any donations.

Contact Nikki Blight - Tel: 07545 065385