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June 2 2015.

Maria Caulfield, has made her Maiden Speech in the House of Commons. The MP spoke during the debate on the Queen's Speech which focussed on Britain's role in the World.

During her speech, Maria spoke on her family's history in moving to the UK from Ireland, how those early experiences, such as hard work, formed her Conservative philosophy and how she is committed to the NHS because of her own experience and her 15 years working in the service as a nurse.

She praised her predecessor for his assiduous constituency work and mentioned the towns in the constituency, Newhaven, Seaford, Polegate and Lewes, as well as the surrounding villages. Maria also drew attention to the bonfire societies in Lewes, and that a number of her colleagues in the House had been burned in effigy in previous years! Simon de Montfort and the Battle of Lewes were also mentioned.

Maria also spoke of the need for firm but fair immigration, to acknowledge those who come to the UK, like her parents, to work and contribute and the need to ensure the economy continues to grow steadily to afford the development of public services and the security of a pay packet for families.

After her speech, Maria said: 'I was delighted to be able to speak in this important debate and to make my Maiden Speech. The Lewes constituency has an important role in our history and I wanted to highlight that, as well as the current issues facing the area. I am now looking forward to participating in debates in the House, on behalf of my constituents, and for holding Ministers to account.'