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April 17 2015.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Seaford North, Alex Lambert, took a firm stand against the Guardian newspaper when it captioned a picture of Seaford as being in Lewes, following a recent visit by Nick Clegg and Norman Baker.

Alex comments: “As a Seafordian, I was dismayed to see a picture of our town being described as Lewes. I contacted Patrick Wintour, the political journalist who wrote the piece to point out his mistake and asked him to correct it.

"His reply was: ‘The bus broke down on the way to Lewes'! Not really the response I was looking for, especially as Seaford is the biggest town in Lewes District and wasn’t even mentioned in the article.

"I am proud of our town. Nick Clegg and Norman Baker visited Seaford on a lovely sunny day. Seaford was at its best and it would have been nice to have had some accurate journalism to reflect this.

"After some discussion Patrick has agreed to ask for the caption to be corrected. He won’t get that wrong again and nor should anyone else!”