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March 27 2015.

Seaford Town Council has announced that the Old Town Hall has been re-opened by the new group; Seaford Old Town Hall Community Tea Rooms.

The Old Town Hall opened its doors on the 16th of March to continue the service previously provided by the St James’ Trust, which proved to be a valuable service for people to meet within the local community.

The Seaford Old Town Hall Community Tea Rooms are open for light refreshments including tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes. Opening times run Monday to Friday from 10.00am though to 1.00pm and Saturdays from 10.00am to noon. This service is open for the over 50s and the disabled in the community.

The volunteers are trialling running the facility themselves for a three month period. Whilst they have all the experience needed to serve the teas and coffees, they are looking for someone to help with the administration who is IT literate. This should be no more than an hour a week and is pivotal to keeping the community facility running well into the future.

If you think you are able to lend a hand for a an hour a week,  go to the Old Town Hall and speak to one of the volunteers, or alternatively contact Seaford Town Council on 01323 894870 or email for more information.