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March 25 2015.

CTLA Community Transport driver Laurence Wickens went the extra mile last week when a regular user of the charity buses wasn't waiting for him at the entrance to her block of flats as she normally would do.

Laurence tried to raise her on the intercom then gained entry to the block with the local postman and rang and knocked on her door with no response. Still concerned, he knocked on the doors of her neighbours and managed to find one with a key to her flat. As they went in, they found the elderly lady in bed with blood coming from her mouth. She was conscious, but unable to communicate with them.

Laurence rang the ambulance crew and stayed on the phone till they arrived. Knowing that the lady had suffered strokes in the past he instructed the neighbours to find any prescription medicine in the flat, which they then gave to the paramedics when they arrived.

CTLA managing director, Derek Barnett, praised Laurence's actions saying: "We know that by having regular pick up drivers, our vulnerable service users have the added benefit of a welfare check as well as being able to retain their independence, and several times our drivers have intervened in ill health situations. We are extremely proud of Laurence's actions and we hope that our client recovers quickly and is back in good health soon."

Details of CTLA charity transport services can be found at or by ringing 01273 517332