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March 5 2015.

Councillor Carolyn Lambert has welcomed a positive response from East Sussex County Council to local proposals for an Accessible Seaford project. Cllr. Lambert explains:

“This is a proposal that has come from a local resident, supported by Cycle Seahaven, to develop safe routes around Seaford for anyone with mobility issues. It makes good use of our twittens and some of the proposals could be achieved through the use of signage without the need for expensive infrastructure work.

"If we could brand Seaford as an Accessible Town it would help our local economy by giving us a strong selling point for people visiting the area, especially with the National Park right on our boundaries. It would also help anyone with mobility issues in Seaford, parents and carers who need a safe route to school for their children and cyclists to travel safely around the town.

"East Sussex County Council are currently developing a walking and cycling strategy for Lewes District and I hope that this proposal can be included in the strategy and may even act as an example of good practice for other parts of the district. There will be some funding soon from the Department of Transport for this kind of project and I very much hope that the County Council will be successful in accessing this when it becomes available so that we can try to deliver some aspects of the plan.”