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March 2 2015.

Seaford Town Council has announced that The Salts Development Plan has taken its first major step forward, with tender invitations sent to five Play Area specialists recently, asking them to submit design proposals for a new children’s play space at The Salts. This follows agreement with Lewes District Council to release over £200,000 from money received for leisure as a result of new housing in the town.

All play company proposals that meet or exceed the design requirements will be presented to the public who will be asked to select their favourite design, as well as having the opportunity to add some additional comments relevant to that design.

Further information will be released confirming the dates and method of consultation, which will be toward the end of March or early April. A combination of displays set up in selected venues and online survey options will be used; the end result will be the play area selected will be that favoured by the people of Seaford.

Time is of the essence, following the dates that have been provisionally planned; the play space is proposed to be completed ahead of the Summer Holidays, ensuring that The Salts can provide the long-awaited quality of service that Seaford residents have been asking for.

In addition, with the first phase of the Development Plan now launched, the next phases are being developed and subject to funding, are hoped to be rolled out in succession.

For more information contact directly on 01323 894870 or email