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February 23 2015.

Police in Seaford want to speak to a woman whose dogs were reported to be worrying sheep at South Barn, on top of the cliffs at Seaford.

On Tuesday the 10th of February a witness reported two Jack Russells chasing  a sheep in the field to the south of the Barn. The sheep was clearly distressed and the dogs were barking. The bigger of the two dogs was mostly white and the smaller one was mostly black.

The witness then saw another sheep on its back in the field.

The woman shouted at the dogs which then went back to her. She was heard to say, "Don't do that again you naughty boy' or words to that effect. She then continued to walk Eastwards across the field.

Members of the public went to the sheep's aid and helped it to its feet. The farmer was contacted and his staff assisted officers in checking for injury to the sheep which was found to have a cut to its left front leg and scratches to its bottom area. This sheep was pregnant with twins.

The woman police want to talk to was described as white, with 'longish' dark hair, almost 6' , wearing headphones and "Hunter" boots, a red coat and black trousers.

Anyone who has information which would help trace this woman, or indeed the woman herself, is asked to contact police via or call 101. quoting serial 481 of 10/2.