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January 25 2015.

The seafront shelters opposite Ringmer Road and The Causeway in Seaford were vandalised over the Christmas period. The first incident occurred around the 12th of December and was reported to Sussex Police.

Unfortunately this was not the only incident with more vandalism occurring on the 23rd of December, then on the 28th youths were witnessed causing more damage, to which Sussex Police are currently following leads.

There was significant damage caused to both shelters with a total of 23 panes of glass being smashed between the two. The last incident occurred over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of January with no known leads.

Costs are being finalised for the replacement glass, which will be in excess of £1,500. Seaford Town Council is looking at other options for glazing the shelters as vandalism of this nature has been a problem previously.

If you have any information report it to Sussex Police either via email at or call 101.